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Why Close with Eastland Title Company?

  • We have the best title records possible and our title searches go back to sovereignty (when the land was owned by the state of Texas). Some title companies only search title back 35 years and miss many older documents and title problems.

  • All aspects of your closing file will be run through two stages of quality reviews prior to being approved to close, we believe your transaction is too important to not have it closely reviewed.

  • We work diligently to eliminate any last-minute problems; however, with our networked attorneys, we can quickly respond to those issues if they arise.

  • Many big national banks and realty firms also own an interest in national title companies. The title company should be an independent third party, not affiliated with the buyer or seller. If the realtor or lender for one party in a transaction owns an interest in the title company, how can that title company be independent? Eastland Title is 100% locally-owned and operated.

  • We have been in Hillsboro for more than 125 years. If you have a problem or need something from your closing file in the future, we will still be here.


  • Courtesy Closings

  • Digital Services Available (such as Drop Box and Citrix)

  • Plant Access for Landman Researchers and Right-of-Way Agents

  • Remote Online Notary (with bank approval)

  • Signing Room Rental

  • Title and Escrow




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